tirsdag den 18. oktober 2011


Lydfil, Strikkeklubben.

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Kittie Howard sagde ...

Dorte, thank you, thank you! My intuition said Create Space had to charge, somehow, for printing. Hearing that all was free just didn't make sense. So, okay, that is out. Remy is a story. I'm pricing it at 99 cents. If this works and I write another Remy story, perhaps a collection later on. Truth be told, I'm more in this to get these stories out than to cash in. We have shelter, food, employment, and good health, all of which I'm very grateful for.

KDP looks good, for my purposes. But I'm checking out Lulu, just to be sure. It's one of my quirks to gather as much info as possible before making a decision, then, once done, I go for it.

BTW, have you checked out Grethe's blog, A Taste of Denmark? Photos and history. It's fabulous!

Again, thank you! You're very kind to help me.

Kittie Howard sagde ...

Hmmm, I dropped by much earlier to thank you for your most valuable information, but the comment didn't take. I guess that's for the best because I worried you'd think, oh, no, she's a stalker when I returned to ask the question below. Anyway, I've visited the expected sites and surfed in some detail. Hours later, I returned to your comment about KDP being a snap later.

Is it possible to publish Remy both on Smashwords and Kindle Direct at the same time??

Dorte, thank you for taking the time. You're very knowledgable. Your comment anchored much of my research.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kitty: there is absolutely no problem in publishing via both Smashwords and Kindle Direct. And if you ever want to make a story free, you can do it immediately via Smashwords, and then Amazon usually sets it free after some time (reversing the process may be difficult, though).