tirsdag den 19. oktober 2010

Two Sentence Tuesday

Sometimes (as often as I have some fresh sentences to share) I participate in Laura Curtis´ Two Sentence Tuesday (Women of Mystery). And why not put them up here on my own blog for once?

Laura calls her contribution ´sexy edition´, but as usual mine is just cosy - or at least meant to be.
Two sentences from the very first scene of "The Halloween Murderer":

Rhapsody found the brushes and cloths she had brought with her from home, filled a bowl with hot water and set about purging the house of its former inhabitant. She wished she wouldn´t die so suddenly or under such circumstances that strangers would have to clear out most of her belongings.
NB: Believe it or not, but sometimes I wonder whether my name games may be too silly.
So thank you to Pia who sent me this link, proving that at least I am not the only one:
UN Savory tale.

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Margot Kinberg sagde ...

Dorte - Oh, this is terrific opener!! I'm already interested in that house, in what happened to the former occupant and most of all, in what's going to happen with Rhapsody and Archie. Thanks for sharing this ;-)!

Dorte H sagde ...

Margot: I am glad you can see the perspective in this sentence. I have been wondering whether my first scene was too cosy and uncriminal, but I know I should trust my readers to see what I have planted :D

Kelly sagde ...

I agree with Margot....a great opening to your story! It certainly captures my interest and makes me want to read on.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: I hope I´ll never get to a point where I won´t love a comment like that!

Beth F sagde ...

Ooooh. Yes. I love this -- I too want to know more.

Dorte H sagde ...

Beth: I am sure I have the best readers in the world!