fredag den 8. oktober 2010

Ann Cleeves, Red Bones (2009)

My review number 200 is of the third Jimmy Perez story, set in Shetland.

After what seems to be a shooting accident, an old woman dies in Whalsay, a small island east of the mainland. Mima is the grandmother of Sandy Wilson, Jimmy Perez´ young subordinate so this case gives Sandy a chance to show what he can (or can´t) when Perez isn´t around to hold his hand.

Through the story we get to know Sandy´s family, Mima and her offspring, and the Clouston family who have been neighbours forever – but are they mainly friends or rivals?

The outsiders to the place are the archaeologists Hattie, the enthusiastic PhD-student who sees Whalsay as her new home, her lively assistant Sophie and their Professor Paul Berglund who is in charge of the dig next to Mima Wilson´s croft.

Red Bones is a fine police procedural, but it is so much more than that. It conveys a strong sense of the remote environment and the stubborn characters of our two main families, including a story which dates back to the Second World War, a past which casts its shadows and to some extent explains how the family members have turned out.

I bought the book myself.

Incidentally Bernadette, Reactions to Reading, has also posted a review of Red Bones today. Read and enjoy her thorough post.

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Fiona sagde ...

It's a wonderful book isn't it, Dorte. The series started very well with Raven Black yet manages to increase its excellence with each successive book - and just wait until you read Blue Lighgtening!!!

Kerrie sagde ...

Well doen on 200 reviews Dorte

Margot Kinberg sagde ...

Dorte - Fine review :-). I think that's one of Cleeves' strenghs; her writing evokes the sense of place quite well. The characters also pulled me in. And of course, that touch of history is a big plus for me.

....Petty Witter sagde ...

I'm going to a talk by Ann Cleaves later this month - I suppose I had better read at least one of her books before then so may well give this one a try.

Maxine sagde ...

Blogger just ate my comment! Essentially, it said: nice review, I think you have captured the essence of the book perfectly. Interesting coincidence, that Bernadette has just reviewed the audio version (both popped up in my RSS reader today).

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams sagde ...

I haven't read this book--and I know Cleaves is supposed to be great. I'll find it...thanks!

Dorte H sagde ...

Fiona: I saw a Danish review that really provoked me. A male reviewer from a newspaper who said it was boring and gave it two stars. Couldn´t he just run off and read Dan Brown or James Patterson instead of insulting quality crime?

Thank you, Kerrie.

Margot: I am such an old-fashioned country bumpkin that I feel quite at home in Ann Cleeves´ novels :D

Tracy: they are all good, but as she will probably talk about her recent books I agree one of the latest may be a good choice.

Maxine: thank you! I find it much easier to review books I loved.

Elizabeth: as you are also excellent with characters and setting, I think you´d like her books very much.

Anonym sagde ...

Thank you for this review. I read Raven Black earlier in the year and thought the sense of place was good. I'll look out for this one and her latest.

Kelly sagde ...

Congratulations on 200 reviews!! Impressive!

Martin Edwards sagde ...

I share your enthusiasm. The books would make great television.

Dorte H sagde ...

Linda: In my opinion they get better and better so I have great expectations to the fourth.

Kelly: thank you. It happens much faster than you think.

Dorte H sagde ...

Martin: it would, but I hadn´t thought about that aspect at all. When I read such a well-written story, I make all my own pictures.