fredag den 21. august 2009

BBAW nomination!

Wednesday I received the following message:

I am so thrilled to inform you that you have been nominated for a Book Blogger Appreciation Week Award in the category Best Thriller/Mystery/Suspense Blog.

Well, I think I am the one who is thrilled! Someone out there nominated MY blog – thank you so much – I am thrilled AND honoured!

The next step: I was asked to submit links to five posts that I “consider to be the best representation of my blog.”

That was a tough one, but here comes my selection:

1. DJ´s Bait in the Box – my very own weekly feature, competition and crimi-tainment.

2. A bilingual review: Yrsa Sigurdardottir Last Rituals, Icelandic crime fiction read in Swedish, reviewed in Danish and English.

3. An article about Stieg Larsson´s Lisbeth Salander, a modern-day Pippi Longstocking. Not exactly a new post, but one which has had several hits over the months.

4. A question post: An Unkindness of Ravens – inviting my readers to contribute with books they have read containing a certain theme.

5. My own flash fiction: The Witch.

These were my ideas. But do tell me what you think: what (if anything) makes my blog special and worth returning to?

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Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

Congratulations! That award is a really big deal.

I think it's the scope of your reviews. You're not just covering a limited range of bestsellers here. It sets you apart.

Mystery Writing is Murder

R. T. sagde ...

Congratulations. IMHO, the international range of your postings and your visitors seems to be one of the reasons for success.

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

I have been nominated as well unfortunately in the same category as you. I will probably post about my own selections later in the weekend. Your own selections are a very good example of the sort of posts that bring your readers back again and again. Good luck.

Dorte H sagde ...

Elizabeth; thank you very much. I am glad my readers can see I try to read a broad variety of crime fiction (and sometimes suffer when I plunge into indifferent novels).

R.T.; thank you! Your encouragement is much appreciated.

Norman; congratulations to you! Now I don´t expect to win (or even get on the shortlist) so I don´t think it is unfortunate at all. I would be very happy for you if you won! You are one among many bloggers who made me feel welcome and appreciated from day one!

Kerrie sagde ...

I think so many of our "group" have been nominated in the same category Dorte. Well done. I think your blog would be a worthy recipient. I'm going to be torn with the voting though :-)

seana sagde ...

Dorte, congratulations!

I think the bilingual aspect and the bait in the box feature would be the most unique features, but what I really return for are your reviews of various crime writers. That's not a unique job, obviously, but you do a good job of it.

Good luck.

Søren sagde ...

Congratulations with the award :-)

Besides your reviews and your great knowledge about crime fiction, I like your commitment with your readers. It seems to me, that you make a great effort to communicate with your readers and to make them feel at home, and with huge success.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kerrie, Thank you. I think many of our group have been nominated because we are a rather social bunch :D

Seana, thanks a lot. I know many readers like my bait in the box, and so do I - it is so interesting to see what people come up with, and who recognize the book.

Søren, so far it is only a nomination, and I am not going to win, but it good to know that someone wants me to win!
But a comment like yours FEELS like an award!

Cathy sagde ...

Congratulations on this well-deserved nomination, Dorte, and Good Luck! I think you did an excellent job choosing your five representative posts.

Dorte H sagde ...

Cathy, thank you very much! I am glad you agree I have selected some good posts.

lilly sagde ...

Congratulations on the nomination! That's certainly something to be thrilled about.
Personally I think that the mystery/thriller reviews you have are the best representation of what makes your blog worth winning this award.

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Lilly!

And I am glad you like my reviews. Many bloggers experience that their reviews receive less comments than other posts. This is also through about mine to some extent, but I have always felt my faithful readers like them.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks sagde ...

congratulations on your nomination, Dorte! I love your bait-in-the-box feature; I never am able to guess the book, but the containers and descriptions are fun. Crimi-tainment, indeed!

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Dar. I think I am in good company :D

Louise sagde ...

Congrats Dorte, that nomination is surely well deserved. I wish you much good luck :o)

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Louise! And I do remember who told me I should try Blogger in the first place :D
I have never once regretted that.

bkclubcare sagde ...

hi! I've always loved the box features and am always wondering about them (since I never know the book answers...)

Dorte H sagde ...

Thank you, Care, and I am glad Blogger let you through. It is not an optimal tool, but it is reasonably simple to use.

cathryngrant sagde ...

Congratulations Dorte! I read your blog primarily for your excellent fiction. I was traveling and missed The Witch, so I'll check it out now.

Dorte H sagde ...

Cathryn; thanks a lot.

"I read your blog primarily for your excellent fiction." I think I will have to frame that one and put it on my wall!