onsdag den 14. januar 2009

Mens vi venter...

I øjeblikket læser jeg igen norsk krimi (Jo Nesbø, Sorgenfri). Det er ikke af princip, at jeg er begyndt med en hel række norske, selv om nordmændene skriver godt, men jeg forærede min mand de to Nesbø-krimier i julegave, fordi jeg ikke havde læst dem endnu (og selvfølgelig fordi han også kan lide Nesbø!).

Desuden venter jeg på postbudet!
- jeg bestilte fire brugte krimier fra abebooks for en uge siden.
Der skulle gerne være to af Ruth Rendell; "Harm Done", og "Not in the Flesh", sammen med Stephen Booth, som jeg for alvor fik øje på for nylig, "Black Dog"(Sort lune) og "Blind to the Bones" (endnu ikke oversat til dansk).

While we are waiting ...

Accidentally I am reading Norwegian crime fiction again (Jo Nesbo, Nemesis). I gave my husband two of Nesbo´s books for Christmas because I had not read them yet - and of course because he also likes Nesbo.

Apart from reading, I am waiting for the postman!
- I ordered four used crime novels from abebooks a week ago.
In the parcel should be two by Ruth Rendell, "Harm Done" and "Not in the Flesh" plus two by Stephen Booth, "Black Dog" and "Blind to the Bones". Stephen Booth is a new acquaintance of mine.

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Bogsider sagde ...

I have put Jo Nesbø a bit on hold. I am not exactly sure that his style and main characters etc are what I want to read now, but I have ordered the Anne Holt you mentioned yesterday from the library and expect to get it in a week or two :-)

Dorte H sagde ...

I think that is a great idea. She is more exciting than Hans Kirk, I can assure you.
I do read classics and I do like many of them but Hans Kirk is not a favourite even though I read his book voluntarily. I was forced to read Scherfig´s "Det forsømte forår", however, and liked the book immensely. So as a teacher I am not afraid of ´forcing´ my students to read what I believe is great literature.

splummer sagde ...

I haven't read those authors before. I have found one of them at our library, Ruth Rendell. I will be checking out some of her books. Thanks for the tip on her books. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!!


Cathy sagde ...

I have Booth's Black Dog on my TBR shelves, and it's been calling to me lately. Sounds like I should pay attention and begin reading it!

Dorte H sagde ...

Hi Sherrie: Ruth Rendell is one of the best British writers crime fiction. Most of her books feature Inspector Wexford, a male character who has really developed throughout her thirty-or-so stories about him. You can actually read them all and write a thesis about changes in society & literary characters over time :)
Hi Cathy: it could be fun if you also read & reviewed it!