lørdag den 31. januar 2009

Sara Paretsky - now blogging

Exclusive February offer: (by courtesy of the author)
Read the first chapter of a brand-new V.I. Warshawsky story here. Warshawsky is a good-looking woman in high heels, but also a hard-boiled detective who shoots first and asks questions afterwards, a true match for any male detective.

Famous American crime fiction writer Sara Paretsky is now blogging about books and politics, among other things. She has decided to share a short novel with the followers of her blog, and as I for one learned about this opportunity too late to find the first chapter, she has kindly given me and my blog guests a second chance!

Links to further chapters of "Alchemy":
Dec 21: a charming map of South Chicago where V.I. Warshawski grew up

Alchemy, chapter 2
Alchemy, begining of chapter 3.

2 kommentarer:

bookwitch sagde ...

Ja, Sara är hjälpsam, eller hur?

Dorte H sagde ...

Ja, jeg tror hun er rigtig sød. Jeg har et par engelske venner fra mit "crime and fiction room" som har sagt, at de vil følge med på hendes blog. Nogle af dem synes, hun var meget politisk i sin seneste bog, men ellers kan de godt lide Warshawski.