onsdag den 15. december 2010

DJ´s Bait in the Box # 83

If you have read this one, you´ll have had plenty of time to forget it - but perhaps this quotation will jog your memory?

"It was spring when Julia arrived at the observatory. Conditions were perfect. Night skies were clear, the moon slender and as evening fell the swelling air thinned to a wintry clarity. Viewing, however, had been halted. There was a technical fault on the main telescope, or perhaps even in the computer itself."

The Rules: 

If you recognize the quotation, or if you think you are able to guess who wrote it, please post a comment. Just leave a hint, do not spoil the fun by giving too much away. The book will be reviewed on Friday.

7 kommentarer:

Jose Ignacio Escribano sagde ...

Am lost this time Dorte.
¿Can it be the fourth book in a series?

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams sagde ...

Oh my word...I think I may know it. Or maybe I'm confused with another one that was set at an observatory. Looking forward to the answer!

Dorte H sagde ...

Jose: no, it is a debut.

Elizabeth: there are not that many where observatories play an important role so my AMERICAN reader is probably right.

....Petty Witter sagde ...

As usual I have totally no idea about the quote, I'm loving the box though.

Dorte H sagde ...

Tracy: it is pretty, but it may be too loosely connected to the book to be a good clue.

Kelly sagde ...

I don't remember reading any set in an observatory, so I'm clueless.

The bait box is interesting, though.

Dorte H sagde ...

Kelly: thank you.