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Martin Edwards, The Serpent Pool (2010)

This British crime novel is the fourth Hannah Scarlett and Daniel Kind story.

As indicated in my bait quotation, the story begins when affluent George Saffell is trapped in a fire together with his beloved collection of books.

A few weeks later, on New Year´s Eve, DCI Hannah Scarlett and her partner Marc Amos meet Saffell´s widow and many of the other people who are involved in this plot. The host is the ruthless lawyer Stuart Wagg, Louise Kind´s latest conquest – or is it the other way round?

Workwise, Hannah Scarlett is involved in the cold case of Bethany Friend, a young woman who drowned in the shallow Serpent Pool six years earlier in what may be suicide or murder. Soon Hannah begins to suspect there is a connection between her case and the new murder case.

As usual in the series, Daniel gets involved in the murders, partly because of Louise´s relationship with Stuart Wagg, partly because of his job. And as Hannah and Marc´s private problems are escalating, it is very tempting for her to discuss the case with Daniel who is single again after Miranda left him and the cottage for glittering London.

Not unexpectedly, this was an exciting and very well-written crime novel. Martin Edwards is in great shape!

The book is a birthday present.

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Jose Ignacio Escribano sagde ...

I have just moved The Coffin Trail up in my TBR list and I'm planning to read all his Lake Distric novels. Thanks for your review Dorte.

Elizabeth Spann Craig sagde ...

I love Martin's books. He's such a prolific author and is so involved in the mystery writing community, too! Thanks for featuring him today.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Anonym sagde ...

Dorte - ...and what a fine present! Thanks for this wonderful review : ). I agree with you that Martin Edwards is very talented, and I'm so glad you profiled this book.

Linda P sagde ...

I have just read The Serpent Pool as a follow-up to The Arsenic Labyrinth as I wanted to build up a knowledge of DCI Hannah, her relationsips and her environment (I have not read earlier novels in this series).
There were twists and turns due to the inter-relationship between characters. I missed a vital clue so the climax was interesting!
I particularly enjoyed the atmospheric setting within a rural community in Cumbria. Also, the references to real artistic and literary persons associated with the Lake District, in this instance, De Quincey, were thought provoking since several of the main characters in the series are in the book trade/historians.
Hannah Scarlett's personal relationships are left unresolved so I look forward to future novels in this series.

Dorte H sagde ...

Jose: you have several pleasures ahead of you!

Elizabeth: I second that!

Margot: I have been looking forward to reading and reviewing BOTH my birthday presents :D

Linda: British novels with a countryside setting are some of the very best, aren´t they? Do you have a blog, by the way?

Felicity Grace Terry sagde ...

Hannah Scarlett and Daniel Kind - what wonderful names for characters. Somehow the kind of names that have you picturing what the people must look like.

Linda P sagde ...

Sorry, Dorte, I haven't a blog. I'm new to blogging and just beginning to learn about the technology and conventions of the e-world! However, I'm enjoying visits to likeminded, global booklovers and writers. I will try and put a profile on my email connection soon.

Dorte H sagde ...

Don´t worry, Linda. Starting a blog is just as simple as starting a baby. The difficult part is to keep it - AND your career & real life - alive over time ;D

Dorte H sagde ...

Tracy: it is not only the names there are great; it is a first class British crime series.

Linda P sagde ...

Dorte, thanks for your wise words -our interests should enhance our life experiences - blogging, reading, writing etc, should be enjoyable!
Have a good weekend!

Bernadette sagde ...

Oh I feel better now for not recognising the quote as I haven't read this one yet. I decided to read all the series in order and so far I've only got through number 1. But I'll get to this one eventually.

I love the cover of it.

Uriah Robinson sagde ...

I haven't read this one yet, but I do want Hannah to dump Marc and go for Daniel. I think it is a tribute to author Martin Edwards that you get so involved with the characters personal lives.

Martin Edwards sagde ...

Dorte, you have given this crime writer a happy day with your generous comments. Thank you.

Dorte H sagde ...

Linda: and a good weekend to you!

Bernadette: I am sure you will. It is a great series.

Norman: you have a really good point there!

Martin: reading this one was certainly MY pleasure. My daughter has just discovered your books so she has swallowed the four in the series in the course of a few weeks. She is also pretty preoccupied with Hannah Scarlett.